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    A humorous song which we can all relate to having been so wrapped up in winter woollies as children that we could hardly move by the time we got outside to play in the snow. The lyrics of the song tell of all the various layers of clothing children have to endure ending with 'our warmest pair of trews' (a Scottish term for trousers)before getting so hot that hats and gloves are soon discarded 'but please don't tell our Mum's Shh!' Why not create a musical composition using the layers of clothing as ways to build up layers of sound? Another great addition to a topic on 'Winter.'

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'Wrap up Warm It's Winter' is a fantastic original song written by Sally Kee and proved to be a perfect song for my reception class as we are doing a topic on the weather in winter. The children made up some actions to go with the lyrics and had great fun singing along. They all learnt a little bit about how to dress appropriately for different weather types too.
Zoe Vivian Reception Teacher St Joseph's School Hertford