Hansel and Gretel Lost in the Woods

Posted 8th June, 2021

I've just got round to uploading this song written way back in March for a Year 1 class at St Joseph's School in Hertford. We had explored the more traditional tales such as 'The Three Bears' and 'The Three Little Pigs' and this song made a welcome change. It could be the starting point for many musical and non musical activities. Hope you find it useful. read more

I Am a Castle

Posted 7th June, 2021

Here's a great little 'funkeemusic' song about the parts of a medieval castle. The reception class in St Joseph's picked it up really quickly, loved marching about the hall in time to the music and selecting sound sources to create sound effects to accompany the song. Hope you have fun with this little ditty. read more

Caribbean Treasure Island

Posted 27th May, 2021

The reception and nursery children from Holy Family did really well with this song on Wednesday then thoroughly enjoyed dancing the conga to the music. read more