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Sleepy Little Snail

Posted on: 8th July 2020 By: SALLY KEE

I wrote this in 2015 for the play group at St Joseph's school and their topic on Minibeasta but it's poroved a great tool for teaching fast and sloe in music too. Hope you can access it more easily in this video...

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Will Shakespeare Rocks

Posted on: 1st July 2020 By: SALLY KEE

Here's the link for another little video this time for the KS2 song 'Will Shakespeare Rocks.'

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Sounds Like the Seaside

Posted on: 29th June 2020 By: SALLY KEE

I thoroughly enjoyed painting the pictures to go with the funkee music song 'Sounds Like the Seaside.' Hope you like it and can use it with your littlies. Here's the link

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