We Are Fun-Kee-Music

Easily accessible topic based songs, plays and seasonal material to help teachers and inspire pupils.

Fun-Kee-Music is run by Sally Kee who wrote all of the Primary School Music Resources i.e. songs, lyrics, plays etc, that you will find on this site. Jessica Hartwig sings the songs on the sample tracks and on the full tracks you buy.

Below is more information about Sally and Jessica:

Sally Kee

My name is Sally Kee and I have been a music teacher for over 30 years working predominantly in Primary Schools. I have a B.A.Hons (Mus) and a P.G.C.E specialising in Music and Religious Education. 

My main aim is for children to have fun in their music lessons and I firmly believe that linking music lessons to class topics results in children being inspired and focused and thereby producing amazing results in their singing, rapping, dancing, playing and creating. 

Over the years I have written a lot of primary school music material for fellow teachers when they could find nothing else that suited their needs and in 2014 I realised my dream to create a website in order to share my material with a wider audience. 

I do hope that you find the Primary School Music Resources on this site useful and more importantly that your children have fun performing my songs.

Sally Kee

Jessica Hartwig

My name is Jessica Hartwig and I sing all the audio clips you hear on this site. I have a B.A in Musical Theatre from Central Queensland University in Australia where I performed in a variety of musical genres and toured with a theatre company called 'Directions' delivering shows and work shops to regional communities. 

My passion is working to make music accessible to all children in a fun way.

 Jessica Hartwig