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    A delightful collection of six wintry songs to add to your Primary School Music Resources. Children will love dancing the waltz to 'Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate;' creating their own layers of sounds exploring crescendo and diminuendo inspired by the song 'Wrap Up Warm it's Winter;'making up their own verses of a chant about British Winter Birds having sung the song 'Feed the Birds in Winter;'learning a little about science in 'Snowman Mate Evaporates;'composing their own music in ternary form having sung 'Winter Weather' and practising their rhythmic skills in the 'Five Little Snowflakes Stick Game' and much much more. Everything you need to deliver a whole terms music lessons in a fun and relevant way. Hope you and your children enjoy this latest six pack. I have had fun writing the songs and creating the activities.


    Six songs:

    • Sheet Music
    • Lyrics
    • Full Audio
    • Backing Track

    Additional Material:

    • Composition Sheets
    • Activity Sheets
    • Useful Images
    • Listening Sheets

Audio Samples

    Don't Be Late Quick Hibernate
    0:00 0.00
    • Don't Be Late Quick Hibernate
    • Feed the Birds In Winter
    • Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate
    • Snowman Mate Evaporates
    • Winter Weather
    • Wrap up Warm it's Winter


  • Full Winter Six Pack