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    An original take on the Nativity story for EYFS and KS1 where we join the children on a train journey from one Nativity Station to the other. We visit Nazareth, The Roman Barracks, Feather Stone Farm (where the Donkey is having a little holiday from the busy town), Busy Bethlehem, Super Star Mountain, The Special Stable and Shepherd Mountain. The script is very simple with nine Station Masters setting the different scenes and there are all the usual suspects you would find in a traditional Nativity Story. The songs are catchy, easy to learn and humorous where appropriate including opportunities for solo singing but there are plenty of choruses for the whole cast to join in with and perform actions to as well. The parents and staff at St Joseph's School in Hertford and Sacred Heart in Ware thoroughly enjoyed this show and I hope you will too.

Audio Samples

    1.On Track for Christmas
    0:00 0.00
    • 1.On Track for Christmas
    • 2.Gabriel's Yoo-Hoo!
    • 3.Soldiers of Rome
    • 4. Morning Hoedown!
    • 5.Innkeepers Census Celebrations
    • 6.Twinkle Sparkle Superstar
    • 7.Lullaby Little King
    • 8.Glory Hallelujah
    • 9.Gold Myrrh and Frankincense
    • 10. Happy Birthday Jesus


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Our Nativity play this year was the ' The Nativity Train on Track for Christmas.' We performed it with 60 nursery and reception children, who really loved it, especially the train guards dance and whistle blowing. They learnt the songs well and enjoyed performing them. The theme of the train with the nativity story stations is perfect for an EYFS or KS1 group. The narration is easy for the children to pick up and perform. The parents were very complimentary about the show and really enjoyed the performance.
Joss Landers Nursery teacher St. Joseph's Hertford.
Great show for Early Years. Lovely catchy songs. I especially enjoyed the train song as it was repeated throughout the show and you could tell that the children loved doing the train actions to it.
Wendy Couldridge (Parent St Joe's RC Sch Hertford)
'Choo, choo, choo and a Clickety Clack!' Such a fantastic start to the Nativity Production this year. Thank you Mrs Kee for your fantastic songs...we loved it, the children loved it and the parents loved it!
Marie Selby Nursery Nurse