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    We all know that children love having an instrument each and claves are so versatile and relatively cheap. Each child should have a pair of claves for all the songs in this six pack but I would dip in and out of this pack rather than use it as a topic pack. The songs can be used as starter activities or to teach specific time signatures and rhythmic patterns.

    Children will love singing and dancing to the songs in a variety of styles then creating their own rhythmic paterns and compositions inspired by the songs and the suggested listening material contained in the pack.

    To make life easier for you busy teachers I have also included ready-made composition sheets, chant lyric sheets and Stick Games images to save you time.

    Hope you have great fun with these stick games and don't be afraid to be creative and adapt my ideas to suit your needs.


    Six songs:

    • Sheet Music
    • Lyrics
    • Full Audio
    • Backing Track

    Additional Material:

    • Composition Sheets
    • Activity Sheets
    • Useful Images

Audio Samples

    Four, four, knock the door
    0:00 0.00
    • Four, four, knock the door
    • Polka, Polka, Count to Two
    • Six, Eight, Don't Be Late
    • Speedy Sticks
    • Three Four Dance Some More
    • Tick Tock Sticks


  • Full 'Stick Games' Six Pack