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    'Star Reporters' is a retelling of the Christmas Story with a modern twist. The action takes place up high in the galaxy where twinkling stars are assigned to 'spy'  on earthly events below with their twinkling eyes, record this on their 'Star Pads' then report their findings back to their superiors Lady Astrid and Lord Cosmos supporting their stories with video footage. Narrators make sure that the nativity story is clear which is then acted out in song and dance. The children from Sacred Heart School in Ware and St. Joseph's in Hertford loved the songs from the hint of a 'Tango' in the 'Silly Census' song to the swing feel of the 'Singing Swinging Star' and parents loved the performances. However I realised that I had made the script too 'wordy' for F.S. so I have now written a simpler script for younger children and am marketing the original script as a K.S.1 script. I hope this helps you to put on a stress free Christmas Production.

Audio Samples

    Song 1: 'Tune In!'
    0:00 0.00
    • Song 1: 'Tune In!'
    • Song 2: 'Angel Action.'
    • Song 3: 'Silly Census.'
    • Song 4: 'Hotel Hunting.'
    • Song 5: 'Lovely Lullaby.'
    • Song 6 'Singing Swinging Star'
    • Song 7: 'Shaking Shepherds!'
    • Song 9: 'Clever Kings.'


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The songs in 'Star Reporters' were lovely especially the 'Clever Kings' song which was great fun. The lyrics were clever and the children enjoyed learning the words some of which were challenging but the children rose to the occasion. Overall there was a great balance between respect and fun in this Nativity.
Lisa Hough : Early Years Practitioner
'Star Reporters:' A lovely modern twist on the Christmas story. The stars report back all they see happening on earth. The excitement builds as they report back watching events unfold on their Star Pads. They tell the nativity story through a well written narrative and very easy to learn songs. The children really enjoyed learning and performing the play. The parents commented on the "clever way of telling the Nativity story." We put the play on with 60 foundation stage children who thoroughly enjoyed taking part and I would highly recommend it for either foundation stage or KS1. Sally has produced another masterpiece with this play, we found it easy to put on and the children really enjoyed performing. She hits the right notes with all her productions.
Joss Landers Nursery teacher St. Joseph's Hertford.