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    A sweet song about an evaporating snowman introducing a touch of science into the proceedings! Children will love the humour in the song as the snowmans eyes pop out and his ears disappear but hopefully the children will not get too sad as the last line of the song says 'But we will build another snow mate next cold and snowy day!' Why not create compositions inspired by this exploring diminuendo? Working in groups each child could play their instruments altogether then gradually drop out to paint a musical picture of the snowman disappearing as their music gets quieter and quieter. The possibilities for other activities inspired by this song are endless making it a good addition to your Primary School School Music Resources.

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'Snowman Mate Evaporates' is a fantastic fun song about what happens to a snowman when the sun comes out. The children in my reception class loved creating their own actions to go with the words and learnt a little bit about that big word 'evaporation' as they sang along. The song fitted in really well with our topic on 'Where Does Snow Go?'
Zoe Vivian Reception Teacher St Joseph's School Hertford