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    A setting of the exact text of the new translation of the Roman Catholic Mass. The setting includes a variety of musical styles from the rhythmic 'Gloria' to the more lyrical 'Holy,Holy,Holy' and 'Lamb of God.' The tunes are simple, easy to learn and have helped enhance school masses in Sacred Heart Ware and St Joseph's in Hertford as well as being used in children's masses at Holy Family Church Welwyn Garden City.

Audio Samples

    1. Lord Have Mercy
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. Lord Have Mercy
    • 2. Gloria
    • 3. Holy, Holy, Holy
    • 4. Simply the Mass Memorial Acclamation 1
    • 5. Simply the Mass Memorial Acclamation 2
    • 6. Simply The Mass Memorial Acclamation 3
    • 7. Simply the Mass Doxology
    • 8. Lamb of God


  • Lyrics Sheet
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Performing License