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    An Easter play written for a combined performance from Years 3 and 4. This play tells the Easter Story through the eyes of the Roman Soldiers who occupied Judea in the time of Jesus. There are four Roman Units under the control of Centurion Hector. The different Units provide a sympathetic commentary on the action as it goes along. The soldiers after all were only doing their jobs whether they thought decisions that were made were right or wrong. The soldiers visit a Primary School as a P.R exercise and learn more about ‘The Passover’ entertained by the children doing a song and dance. They were onlookers as Jesus was acclaimed as he entered Jerusalem and were baffled by the crowds baying for Jesus’ blood in the trial scenes. There are twelve songs in a wide variety of styles offering plenty of opportunity for solos, actions in choruses and movement on stage. The children, parents and staff of St Joseph's R.C School in Hertford and Sacred Heart R.C School in Ware thoroughly enjoyed the performances and commented that it was an intersting angle to re-tell the well known story from.

Audio Samples

    1.Early in the Morning Audio Clip
    0:00 0.00
    • 1.Early in the Morning Audio Clip
    • 2.Freedom Dance Audio Clip
    • 3. Hosanna Audio Clip
    • 4. Caiaphas Laments Audio Clip
    • 5. Market Song Audio Clip
    • 6. Blood Money Audio Clip
    • 7. Remember Me Audio Clip
    • 8. Stay Awake and Pray with Me Audio Clip
    • 9. His Words Came True
    • 10.Pilate's Choice Audio Clip
    • 11. Step Stumble Fall Audio Clip
    • 12. Spread the Word Audio Clip


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'I liked that the Easter story was told from the perspective of the soldiers...very interesting. The children all enjoyed the songs which were in a variety of styles and easy to learn. There were many solo parts which gave many children the chance to shine. A really enjoyable play for both the adults and the children involved.'
Rachel Smith Year 3 Class Teacher Sacred Heart School
'A memorable way of telling the Easter Story with lots of wonderful tunes and meaningful lyrics to tell the story. All in all a very enjoyable production which the children loved being a part of. They sang the songs wherever they went.'
Elaine Pearmain Teaching Assistant Sacred Heart School
This was a fast paced re-telling of the Easter Story. The songs were engaging, exciting, relevant and funny whilst still expressing the story. The lyrics told the story of Easter exceptionally well. What an amazing play, so enjoyable I didn't want it to end.
Parent-St Joseph's R.C School Hertford
I particularly liked the way the Roman Soldiers went along to a Jewish School to hear about Jewish customs. There were several beautiful melodies including the solo Jesus sang at the Last Supper. The Judas solo was very poignant where the melody complemented the lyrics beautifully. High quality play, high standard performance and high entertainment value. What the children produced amazed me!
Lisa Hough : Early Years Practitioner
The melodies were perfect for the children and the lyrics were excellent. The script was beautifully written and performed magnificently.
Father Terry Parish Priest and Governor St. Joseph's School Hertford
I loved the play. It was very well done, enjoyable and the music was lovely.
Kim Burton : Parent St Joseph's R.C. School Hertford
Amazing melodies with a clear nod to the country and era the story is set in. The lyrics were clear and satirical at times which adds a brilliant edge. Can't get enough of Mrs Kee's amazing talent.
Sarah Bosonnet: Parent St Joseph's R.C School Hertford