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    A short and sweet chronological re-telling of the Nativity Story using well known children's songs. This was written as a special request from St Joseph's Playgroup in Hertford for their Christmas performance in 2014. The parents loved the children's performance and the playgroup leaders said it helped the children to remember the events leading up to the very first Christmas Day. Great fun was had by all.

Audio Samples

    1.Ring the Bells Out Loud
    0:00 0.00
    • 1.Ring the Bells Out Loud
    • 2. Angel Gabriel Brought Good News
    • 3. On the Road to Bethlehem
    • 4. Knocking on the Doors
    • 5.Twinkle Twinkle
    • 6.Away in a Manger
    • 7.Baa, Baa Woolly Sheep
    • 8.Angels Sing
    • 9. Riding on our Camels
    • 10.We hope you enjoyed our Concert


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