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    This is a Magical play in more ways than one. The story starts when the teacher announces that the local priest has asked Years 1&2 to provide a tree for the Christmas Tree Festival in his church but the tree has to tell the story of the nativity. As the children are dispatched to the hall to create their decorations magical things happen when the children put their decoration on the tree. The decorations come alive, sprinkle magic glitter on the children and the song and dance begins. Cohesion is added to the play in the form of the 'Cutting and Sticking Song' which the children loved and the songs are cheerful and varied ranging from the 'Country and Western' style of the 'Animals Song and Dance' to the 'Rock and Roll' genre of the 'Shepherd's Song and Dance.' As the final song says......'The Magic Nativitree.........helps us see.........what Christmas means for you and me.'

Audio Samples

    10. Mary and Joseph Song and Dance
    0:00 0.00
    • Cutting and Sticking Song
    • 2. Snowflake Song and Dance
    • 3. Donkey Song and Dance
    • 4. Angel's Song and Dance
    • 5. Soldier's Song and Dance
    • 6. Star Song and Dance
    • 7. Animal Song and Dance
    • 8. Shepherd Song and Dance
    • 9. King's and Camel's Song and Dance
    • 10. Mary and Joseph Song and Dance
    • 11. The Magic Nativitree


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  • Complete Script
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'THE MAGIC NATIVITREE' What a wonderful production. Staff, parents and children all loved it and were humming it for weeks afterwards. Easy to learn and an innovative way of spreading the real meaning of Christmas.
Jenny Townley Year 2 Teacher Sacred Heart R.C. School Ware
The Magic Nativitree is a great nativity which tells the traditional story in a unique way which children loved. The story was carefully structured with great accuracy and the songs were upbeat and catchy. By far the best Christmas play I have ever done with a class of children! I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Sam Davey Year 1 Teacher Sacred Heart R.C. School Ware
We performed the Magic Nativitree for our Christmas production this year. The songs were fantastic and the children really loved singing and dancing to them.
Laura Jones K.S.1 Co-ordinator St. Joseph's School Hertford
The songs in 'The Magic Nativitree' are wonderful and the script is a delightful way to re-tell the story of the true meaning of Christmas.
Pam Sergejev - Deputy Head St. Joseph's School Hertford.
'The Magic Nativitree' contains beautiful songs and reflective words to get the Christmas message across to people of all ages: the children who performed it and the adults who watched were fully aware that God's special gift to us was coming!
Claire Cooper. Senior Teacher. Sacred Heart Primary School Ware
'The Magic Nativitree' is a wonderfull re-telling of the nativity through a modern twist. The songs are catchy, memorable and the children had great fun performing the musical. There is scope for all children to take a full part in the show. If you want an engaging show in which children fully participate, teachers find easy to teach and parents love, I would recommend 'The Magic Nativitree.'
Michelle Fusi. Head Teacher. Sacred Heart R.C. School Ware
'The Magic Nativitree?' - An amazing compilation of story, humour and music telling the story of the Nativity. All children enjoyed learning the songs and were enthused to participate. A play which encapsulated Christmas in our Primary School with great success. Thank you Mrs Kee for bringing Christmas alive....
Ian Kendal. Head Teacher, St Joseph's R.C. Primary School Hertford