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    A simple re-telling of the traditional nativity with narration in rhyme, acting and singing. The songs are simple with opportunities for dancing and soloists but the addition of actions in the choruses of the songs means that all children feel involved and have a happy and pro-active nativity experience whilst learning about the true meaning of Christmas.

Audio Samples

    1. We Want to Tell You!
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. We Want to Tell You!
    • 2. Song of Gabriel
    • 3. Song of the Soldiers
    • 4. Song of the Donkey
    • 5. Song of the Innkeepers
    • 6. Song of Mary
    • 7. Song of the Stars
    • 8. Song of the Angels
    • 9. Song of the Sheep
    • 10. Song of the Kings
    • 11. We Hope you Enjoyed our Concert


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We had the great privilege of showing our F.S. production of 'Song and Rhyme at Christmas Time' and our KS1 production of 'Sounds like a Nativity.' For once we were able to show plays which truly reflected the Catholic stance. The music and script were really sensitive to the needs of a Catholic school. I applaud all you have done to bring our faith alive through music and drama, Thank you.
Ian Kendal Head Teacher St. Joseph's R.C. J.M.I. School , Hertford