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    All the materials you will need to musically support a half terms topic on Pirates.

    Children will love singing these Pirate songs in a variety of styles then creating their own Pirate compositions inspired by the songs and the suggested listening material contained in the pack.

    To make life easier for you busy teachers I have also included ready-made composition sheets, rap lyric sheets and other images to save you time.

    Hope you have great fun with the Pirates material and songs.

    Six songs:

    • Sheet Music 
    • Lyrics 
    • Full Audio 
    • Backing Track

    Additional Material:

    • Composition Sheets
    • Activity Sheets
    • Useful Images

Audio Samples

    Blackbeard's Caribbean Castle
    0:00 0.00
    • Blackbeard's Caribbean Castle
    • Caribbean Island
    • Oo Arr Where's My Treasure
    • The Pirate Alphabet
    • Three Gigantic Galleons
    • X Marks the Spot Full Audio


  • Full 'Pirates' Six Pack