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    An Easter Play for Juniors written from the point of view of a Jewish family as they prepare for the Passover whilst their country is occupied by the Romans. The action starts in a school where the children sing a song to round off their 'Exodus from Egypt' assembly with a song called 'Moses is the Man' before school is out for a 'Spring Break.' The family then take us through the events leading up to the 'Passion' with a series of observations to help us understand the motives, feelings and actions of the central characters. The songs are easy to learn in a variety of styles and there is plenty of opportunity for solo singing, part singing, dancing (where appropriate) and as always enough material to keep the choruses happy and fully engaged too.

Audio Samples

    1.Moses is the Man
    0:00 0.00
    • 1.Moses is the Man
    • 2.Hosanna, Heysanna
    • 3. Caipahas' Quest
    • 4. Temple Trading
    • 5. Judas Blood Money
    • 6.The Last Seder Supper
    • 7. This is my Hour of Need
    • 8. Peter's Pain
    • 9. Pilate's Plight
    • 10. The Walk of Love and Pain
    • 11. R-E-J-O-I-C-E


  • Script, Lyrics and Cast List
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Performing License


Told from the perspective of a Jewish family, Passover, Palms and Passion guides the children through the events of Holy Week in an engaging and memorable way. Our Year 3 and 4 children have been able to consider the motives and feelings of the different characters in the story. Their learning in class and understanding of Easter has undoubtedly benefitted from being able to live the story and share it with our school community. The script, cast list and backing tracks provided allowed the staff to painlessly teach the words and songs to the pupils. The children will remember this play for years to come!
Mr. J. Dove K.S.2 Leader St Jospeh's Catholioc Primary School Bishop's Stortford
Throughout my career I have worked on many school productions, but the quality of Mrs. Kee's scripts and songs are exceptional. Pupils are challenged at just the right level to ensure that all children can contribute, some can excel with solos, and complex harmonies are developed creating a stunning effect. The plays have humour and fun throughout, whilst including many biblical learning points and interesting historical facts. My classes have all enjoyed performing these plays and they have been a hit with parents. Thank you Mrs. Kee!
Jon Loveridge Year 3 Teacher and Computing Leader St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Hertford
We recently worked with Sally Kee to produce our Easter production, using her script "Passover, Palms and Passion". Having worked with her in the past, we knew to expect a fantastic script, with beautiful, catchy songs, and we were not disappointed! With the help of Sally (something we could not be without), the play became and incredibly unique and exciting portrayal of the Easter story, enjoyed by teachers, parents and children alike. Thank you once again, Sally!
Katie House Year 4 Teacher St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Hertford
Thank you Sally. It was so uplifting to hear all the wonderful songs. All the children clearly enjoyed singing their parts and that is testament to the music, lyrics and work you put into their plays. Truly brilliant :)
Claire Preston : Parent St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Hertford
It is wonderful how Mrs Kee creates new ways to tell stories through song and speech while ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for every child to shine.
Mrs Nuckey: Parent at St Jospeh's Catholic Primary School Hertford
Truly amazing script and songs. Full of joy and fun for the kids. What would we do without Mrs Kee.
Anonymous : Parent at St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School Hertford
A very enjoyable Passion Play. Mrs Kee's music was excellent matching the story perfectly...a beautiful interpretation.
Parent : St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
Brilliant Show! Thanks Mrs Kee! Your dedication and enthusiasm shines through our children.
Leila Keenan: Parent at St Joseph's Catholic Primary Hertford