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    A delightful Nativity Play with a modern day twist. An enlightened Parish Priest determined to make parishioners focus on the real meaning of Christmas hands each family a box of Christmas Crackers as they leave Midnight Mass. These are the 'Nativity Crackers' and each riddle and gift reveals something about the Christmas Story. As the crackers are pulled and the message dawns on the family, they freeze frame and we are transported back in time to the events of the first Christmas Story. The children, staff and parents of two Hertfordshire schools loved this play. The songs in a variety of styles offer much scope for actions, dance and solos and the script can be adapted to suit your needs.

Audio Samples

    1. Nativity Crackers
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. Nativity Crackers
    • 2. Mary, Mary
    • 3. My Name is Joe!
    • 4. Census Soldiers
    • 5. Business is Booming
    • 6. Moo, Coo and Neigh
    • 7. There's a New Star in Town
    • 8. Shepherds Sheep and Angels
    • 9. We are Very Important


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Nativity Crackers is an amazing production which was enjoyed by both the children of St Joseph's School in Hertford and their parents. A very creative way of telling the Nativity story full of laughter and fun.
Olivia McCarthy Year 2 Teacher
Nativity Crackers is an amazing show which our Years 1&2 classes thoroughly enjoyed performing. The songs are great and the children loved learning them. It is an original and entertaining version of the nativity story that I would highly recommend to any school.
Naomi Clark Year 1 Teacher