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    This Easter play is written from the point of view of the mother of Jesus, Mary. Poor Mary always knew the son she shared with God was special but it must have broken her heart to witness his suffering. I imagine that Jesus was like many offspring and didn't contact his Mum very much so in this play Mary had to learn about what Jesus was doing, who he was associating with and the danger he was in through a series of letters from her friends. We share her joy as Jesus was hailed at the gates of Jerusalem, her worry when she felt Jesus was being outspoken and ultimately her sorrow when Jesus was sentenced to death. I am always amazed at how the children of St Joseph's school deal with the mixed emotions in the Easter Story but they really pulled it out of the bag in this performance and it was a huge hit with the parents.

    I must thank the extremely talented Katie House the year 2 teacher at St Joseph's for the beautiful image she painted for the front cover of this musical play. You can see her work at or Instagram@KatieDrawsFaces

Audio Samples

    Sample 1. Miracle Man and Mary's Son
    0:00 0.00
    • Sample 1. Miracle Man and Mary's Son
    • Sample 10. Pilate's Problem
    • Sample 11. The Cruel Road to Calvary
    • Sample 12. He Is Risen
    • Sample 2.The Passover's Sting
    • Sample 3. Hosanna, Sanna Hey
    • Sample 4. Jealous Caiaphas
    • Sample 5. The Temple Market Song
    • Sample 6. For Silver Coins
    • Sample 7. Remember This.
    • Sample 8. Dear Father Hear My Plea
    • Sample 9. The Cockerel Crew


  • Lyrics Sheet, Script and Cast List
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track


Mary's Easter Story was an excellent re-telling of the Easter Story. The music was wonderful nd the children performed it brilliantly.
Fr. T. Phipps The Immaculate Conception and St Joseph's RC Church Hertford
Exceptional performances by all pupils. The play was extremely well written, very witty and humorous in parts. The music and lyrics were worthy of an award and the lighting and sound effects were great too.
Angela O'Regan Parent St Joseph's RC School Hertford
Fantastic tunes, very uplifting and very professional. West End standard.
Michelle McLaughlin Parent St Joseph's School Hertford
'Mary's Easter Story' was a beautifully written Easter play that had a part for all the children to be involved. So wonderful to appreciate the story we all know so well told from a different and more personal perspective; particularly one so poignantly depicting the bond between mother and child.
Aileen Lacey HLTA St Joseph's School Hertford
Mary's Easter Story is written from the viewpoint of Mary (mother of Jesus), it was great to work with the children on this play and teach them a different perspective from the heartache of a mother and the pain that she went through receiving letters from her friends about Jesus' life. This play was well written and the songs that accompanied it, enhanced the story further.
Mary Kelly Year 3 Teacher and Maths Lead St Joseph's RC Primary Hertford