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    Here's a Nativity play with a difference. There's a street in town where the owners all decorate the front of their houses with Christmas lights and models. Each house front presents a decorated tableau of part of the religious Christmas story. Locals flock to visit this amazing sight and to raise money for charity the owners only turn their lights on when visitors put money in the charity tin. The E.Y.F.S children and teachers of St. Joseph's RC School Hertford did an amazing job putting on this musical play. The children had a great time performing and the parents loved watching it too. There are plenty of parts so all children can feel involved and valued. There is a recurring song linking the action and the six catchy songs lend themsleves to simple dance moves and actions. See if you can discover the 'Magic on Christmas Street' this year.

Audio Samples

    1. We're all going to Christmas Street
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. We're all going to Christmas Street
    • 2.Poor Mary Got a Fright
    • 3.Donkey's Break Dance
    • 4. Happy Innkeepers
    • 5. Twinkle,Shine, Shine Shine.
    • 6. Angel Glory and Shepherds Story
    • 7.Kings and Things


  • Lyrics Sheet
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Performing License


'Magic on Christmas Street' was wonderful and we really enjoyed it. The songs were a delight to hear and the dialogue well written. The children did a great job.
Mina: St Joseph's Parent
'Magic on Christmas Street' was very well organised and presented for so many young children. Godd songs and writing.
R.Myers: Parent St Jospeh's
To see 60 four and five year olds joining in with 'Magic on Chritmas Street' with such enthusiasm was a joy. Fantastic.
Justine Page: Headteacher St Joseph's School
Sally has once again written a brilliant nativity play called 'Magic on Christmas Street.' All of the Nursery and Reception children had speaking parts and loved singing the songs. It was a great way of learning the Christmas Story and was enjoyed by the children,staff and parents.
Zoe Vivian: Reception Teacher St Jospeh's School