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    This song was written for a friend desperately trying to find a song to accompany a class topic on Iceland. The lyrics contain some interesting facts about the country and the song could be a starting point for many other musical activities. Set in a minor key junior children could explore the minor idiom and create minor chords with Boomwhackers or Xylophones to accompany the song; or children could create their own songs in minor keys based on one of the many folk tales from the country. The geological elements of the country could be portrayed musically in creative compositions and written down using graphic notation. What about creating a class dance selecting existing pieces of classical or film music to create a battle between Fire and Ice? The possibilities are endless. Hope this song ignites a spark in you and your children.

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I really was at my wits end trying to create engaging music lessons based on the class 'Iceland' topic, but this song answered my every need. The children themselves (years 3 & 4) were amazed at how many geological, geographical, historical and astronomical facts were included in this short song not to mention a touch of fauna and folklore as well. And the melody itself is so instantly pleasing to the ear and easy to learn. As mentioned in its blurb, this song can be the catalyst for so many other musical activities, incorporating the whole spectrum of national curriculum musical requirements. As music curriculum teacher for years 1-6 at Leverstock Green CE Primary School, I cannot recommend Fun-Kee-Music enthusiastically enough. Sally takes the hard work out of lesson preparation by delivering educational, inspiring, suitably age-related and fun activities on a plate. What's not to love?
Anne Sentance: Music teacher Leverstock Green C of E Primary School