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    A new and exciting take on the traditional Christmas Story with groups of children representing different colours associated with Christmas. The action begins with a calypso style song simply called 'Kaleidoscopes' where children dance with brightly coloured gymnastic ribbons. The Kaleidoscopes then introduce each colour connection in rhyme and the story unfolds from the song 'Pretty Little Lady Dressed in Blue' to 'Black Night, Black Sheep' and 'Colourful Kings' dressed in purple, orange and turquoise. The children loved this show and sang their hearts out in all the songs from the upbeat rhythmical numbers to the gentle lullabies. The simple script was easy to learn and helped the children understand the real meaning of Christmas.

Audio Samples

    1. Kaleidoscope
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. Kaleidoscope
    • 2. Pretty Little Lady Dressed In Blue
    • 3.Mellow in Yellow
    • 4. Joseph the Red Carpenter
    • 5. Roman Soldiers Dressed in Brown
    • 6.Grumpy Grey Donkey
    • 7.Pink and Flustered Innkeepers
    • 8. Angels in White
    • 9. Black Night, Black Sheep
    • 10. Colourful Kings


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'Kaleidoscope of Colours' is a fabulous Nativity where the story is brought to life through the colours of Christmas. The songs are catchy and easy to learn and the lyrics humorous and child friendly. The storyline effectively tells the Christmas story and my children thoroughly enjoyed participating in the performance.
Miss Olivia McCarthy Year 2 Teacher St Joseph's School Hertford
The show 'Kaleidoscope of Colours' had wonderful songs and lyrics. The children loved learning them in preparation for their Christmas Play which ended in an amazing joyful performance.
Hannah Munns SENCO and Senior Leader Sacred Heart School Ware
Telling the story of the Nativity through the different colours associated with Christmas was a brilliant idea. The varied melodies enhanced the overall effect and the lyrics and script were perfect for a K.S.1 play. Mrs Kee's plays just get better and better, like a fine wine!
Mrs Brenda Langton: Teaching Assistant Year 1 Sacred Heart School
Kaleidoscope of Christmas is a fantastic and a new and exciting way to tell the Christmas Story. The music was lovely and the variety of styles added a lot to the overall effect of the play. The lyrics and script were very effective and well suited to the age of the children. Wow! A fantastic play. Mrs Kee is a very talented musician who brought joy to all the children with this play. They thoroughly enjoyed it!
Sam Davey: Year 1 Class Teacher Sacred Heart School Ware
Kaleidoscope of Christmas: A fabulous KS1 Christmas Play with a good range of characters and speaking parts for maximum class participation! Several solo opening verses in several songs enable many children to \"shine\" and have a special stage moment, followed by full on whole class or key stage chorus verses with actions. Each colour takes the stage to share parts of the traditional story in a lively and fun modern performance. Sally Kee also masterfully rehearsed and adapted the performance for our children. We all really enjoyed this play, I can definitely recommend!
Juliet Ford K.S. 1 Senior Teacher