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    This is the play I wrote for St. Joseph's RC Primary in Hertford to be performed this Easter 2020 but obviously because of the lock down due to Coronavirus we were unable to perform it.

    This re-telling of the age old story is taken from the point of view of the business owners who had shops, hotels, campsites etc in Jerusalem and who loved the Jewish Festival of the Passover as it brought thousands of pilgrims to the city who subsequently used their services. Indeed the first song 'Business is Booming' tells of how busy they were but how happy they were 'counting shiny shekels galore' at the end of each day. The story of the first Passover is also explored in the second song 'Moses Set us Free' performed by children who were playing in the busy street. The usual themes of jealousy, greed, despair, loyalty and love are explored throughout the play and the children were dealing with the delicate subject matter with great maturity and competence. Hopefully we will get a chance to perform this at some stage.

    I must say a huge thank you to Katie House the Year 2 teacher at St Joseph's School for designing an amazing front cover which perfectly captures the essence of the play. You can see her work at or Instagram@KatieDrawsFaces

    Also due to the fact that we're all socially isolating atm the recordings are currently done using my voice and not the beautiful dulcet tones of Jessica Rose Hartwig. As soon as we are out of lock down I will replace my vocals with those of Jess.

Audio Samples

    1. Business is Booming
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. Business is Booming
    • 2.Moses Set us Free
    • 3. Hosanna:Wave a Welcome
    • 4. Caiaphas is Jealous
    • 5. Market Wheeling and Dealing
    • 6. Paid to Betray
    • 7. Our Last Supper
    • 8. Please Stay Awake
    • 9. Peter's Pain
    • 10. Pilate's Plan
    • 11. Up the Hill to Calvary
    • 12. Easter Joy


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