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    Easter Stations tells the Easter Story with a modern twist as a family visits a 'Virtual Reality Tour' called the 'Gospel Rail Trail' of the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. After the opening catchy song 'All Aboard,' the families take the train from station to station where they witness seemingly first hand the highs and lows of the greatest story ever told. At the 'Gates of Jerusalem Station' the families witness Jesus being hailed as a hero by the public but are given a taster of the trouble ahead for Him as Caiaphas sings the sinister second song 'Caiaphas Plots!' Dialogue between the families as they move from station to station helps explain the complex story in language that children can relate to. The twelve songs are very varied, ranging from the extreme sadness of 'Shame, Shame, Shame' sung at the 'Station of the Cross' to the joy and energy of 'Alleluia Rock 'n' Roll' when Jesus rises again. There are many opportunities for budding soloists and dancers as well as plenty of choruses which lend themselves to actions for the children sitting at the sides of the stage. All in all a refreshing take on the Easter Story which provides much food for thought thereby enhancing the children's understanding of the story while they are having a good time.

Audio Samples

    Song 10 'Pilate's Dilemma' Sample
    0:00 0.00
    • Song 10 'Pilate's Dilemma' Sample
    • Song 1 'All Aboard' Sample
    • Song 11 'Shame, Shame, Shame..' Sample
    • Song 12 'Alleluia Rock 'n' Roll Sample
    • Song 2 'Welcome, Welcome' Sample
    • Song 3 'Caiaphas Plots' Sample
    • Song 4 'Children's Moses Passover Song' Sample
    • Song 5 'The Market Song' Sample
    • Song 6 'It's Not My Fault' Sample
    • Song 7 'Please Spare a Thought for Me' Sample
    • Song 8 'Stay Awake' Sample
    • Song 9 'Forgive Me Lord' Sample


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St Joseph's School Easter Production 2014 Sitting in the School Hall, I wait in anticipation to watch my fifth Easter production. I wonder how the famous Easter Story will be retold this time. Mrs Kee always breathes new life into her Easter (and Nativity) shows, enabling the children to really get to know the people who lived in Jesus' time and to understand the events that they lived through. This year sees some children travelling back in time to the Holy Land. They witness the events of the final week of Jesus' life; Palm Sunday, the Last Supper, the garden of Gethsemane, the crucifixion of Christ and the resurrection of Christ. All are brought to life by the children. The children who travel on the time-train make thought-provoking comments about what they see. The elements of sadness are tempered with scenes of light-heartedness and catchy songs. The Easter story is portrayed in a way that educates the children. As for the audience, we revel in the children's acting, dancing and singing, whilst being reminded of the important themes of our Catholic faith. Louise Lear
Louise Lear (Parent and Administrator St Joseph's R.C. J.M.I Hertford)
Mrs Kee's musicals are always thoroughly enjoyable but not just for the parent watching the children really enjoy the experience and still recall the characters they play and songs they have sung. In the weeks before the performances my house is always filled with Mrs Kee's wonderful songs. Geraldine Vajda
Geraldine Vajda (St Joseph's R.C. J.M.I School Secretary)
'What a wonderful production; it really brought the 'Easter Story' to life. Catchy music which the children picked up quickly; 'Bugsy Malone' meets 'Oliver!' Highly Recommended!
Eimear Merton (Year 3 Teacher St. Joseph's R.C. J.M.I Hertford)
'The 'Easter Stations' play by Sally Kee really brought the Passion of Jesus to life for the children at Holy Family School. The catchy songs retell the story clearly and in a child friendly manner. Our children now have a clear understanding of Easter and what it means to us as Catholics. Thank you for working so hard to create this wonderful production.'
Mrs Caswell and Mrs Thomas Holy Family R.C. W.G.C
Sally's Easter play 'Easter Stations' was a joy to work on. Well written, rhythmic music, memorable songs - the children took to it like ducks to water. The fact that the play was unknown to the children five weeks before the performances bears testament to just how good Sally's plays are. Rehearsals were always a pleasure, and the two performances were greeted with much acclaim by the audience.
Caroline Ridley Music Teacher Holy Family School W.G.C
The children of Claregate Primary School in Wolverhampton performed Easter Stations very well and the parents loved it. The children keep suddenly singing the different songs which proves how much they have enjoyed learning and performing the songs.
Andrew Edwards Year 3 Supply Teacher Claregate Primary School Wolverhampton