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    This song was written for a nursery class in St Joseph's School to help them learn the Easter Story in 2017 but I have only just got round to notating it and uploading it to my site.  The children picked the song up easily as it uses the tune of 'London Bridge is Falling Down.' They used claves to accompany the song and followed the action instructions in the chorus still using their claves. Much fun was had by all.

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This is Sally Kee at her best, I wanted to teach my nursery children the Easter rap which was too hard. I contacted her and she wrote this one for us. The children really loved it especially as it involved using the claves. We sang the song for the parents who enjoyed it and the children were thrilled to share their performance skills and enjoyment. They remembered it well the following year when we sang it again. I will be using this song in our Liturgy group at Church next Easter.
J.Landers Retired Nursery Teacher.