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    Twelve original songs in a variety of musical styles with a script outlining the roles of the main characters in the Easter Story. This was written for Years 3 and 4 and performed in two separate schools to rave reviews. There are many opportunities for solo singing but plenty of involvement for those children singing in the chorus. As the play analyses the motivations of the central characters and the consequences of their actions it probes the children to question what they would have done if presented with a similar set of circumstances. Indeed the opening song poses the question 'Who was there what role did they play, what would you do if it happened today?' After the serious nature of the Passion of Jesus the joy of the Resurrection is brought to life in the final song with hand jive actions 'He is alive!'

Audio Samples

    1.Easter Roles and Rocks
    0:00 0.00
    • 1.Easter Roles and Rocks
    • 2. Wave Your Palms
    • 3. Caiaphas With a Capital 'C'
    • 4.Thirty Pieces of Silver
    • 5. Please Remember Me
    • 6.Peter's Song
    • 7. Reprise Thirty Pieces of Silver
    • 8. Pilate's Song
    • 9. The Way of the Cross
    • 10.It's a Sad, Sad Day
    • 11. Don't Be so Sad, Don't Be so Blue
    • 12. He is Alive


  • Lyrics Sheet
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Script
  • Cast List
  • Performing License


We used Easter Rocks and Roles with our Year 2 and 3 classes for this year's Easter production. The content was very suitable for a church school and there were plenty of different roles to ensure that everyone in Year 3 had a speaking part if they wished. The songs were catchy and often touching, portraying the mood of the moment precisely. There are several opportunities for solos throughout, although these can also be adapted. The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed working on it, so much so that we're planning on trying another of Sally's Easter creations next year!
Emma Byrne, deputy head teacher; Countess Anne School; A Church of England Primary Academy, Hatfield.