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    This is the play I came up with for EYFS at St Joseph's school last year. It's a combination of two plays I'd written before... 'Song and Rhyme at Christmas Time' and 'The Littlies Nativity' but done from the Christmas Animals point of view. The songs are all well known nursery rhymes with different lyrics which make them easier for the children to learn and the script is very simple which led to a fantastic performance from the children. The children loved performing it and the parents were wowed by their little ones. Why not give it a try this year? It can be easily adapted to meet all the Covid restrictions and I would gladly help if you did decide to buy it. 

    I must say a huge thank you to the multi talented colleaugue and friend of mine Katie House who designed the front cover for this play. It is truly magical and just my vision.

Audio Samples

    Sample 1. Ears, Tails and Claws and Hooves
    0:00 0.00
    • Sample 1. Ears, Tails and Claws and Hooves
    • Sample 10. Riding on our Camels
    • Sample 11. We Hope You Enjoyed Our Christmas Play
    • Sample 2. Angel Gabriel Brought Good News
    • Sample 3. Roman Soldiers Marching Song
    • Sample 4. On the road to Bethlehem
    • Sample 5. Knocking on the Doors
    • Sample 6. Twinkling Stars
    • Sample 7. Away in a Manger
    • Sample 8. Baa Baa Woolly Sheep
    • Sample 9. Angels Sing


  • Lyrics Sheet, Script and Cast List
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Performing License


Thank you for an amazing play. The kids were amazing and the songs were so lovely. You and the kids SMASHED IT!
Lisa...parent at St Joseph's RC Hertford
I have filmed many of Sally's plays over the years. They are always a joy to watch and it's great to listen to the songs.
The show was amazing. 50 or 60 under 5's all so proudly singing. Wonderful...you are truly wonderful
Joanna O'Leary: Parent at St Joseph's RC School Hertford
Fantastic performance by children of such a young age. '10* Rating!' Well done to all the teaching staff involved.
Mrs Bland: Grandmother at St Joseph's RC School Hertford
What a fabulous play! The teachers did a brilliant job producing the most controlled performance my Mum and Dad have seen at that age group.
Keelie Bland: Parent at St Joseph's RC Hertford