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    An interesting and sometimes fun (where appropriate) approach to re-telling the traditional Easter Story. The Twelve Disciples provide a commentary of the events leading up to the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus in rhyme from ficticious diaries supposedly written as the events unfolded. We hear a little bit about the personalities of the disciples as they reveal their diary entries and their personal reactions to the events. The facts are then padded out with dialogue between the main characters which are further explored in ten original songs in a variety of styles and idioms ranging from the swing feel of the opening number 'The Twelve Friends of Jesus' to the pathos in song ten 'The Walk of Love.' The play has a cast list of 60 so could be used with two classes combined but the possibilities are endless. Actions and dance routines would enhance the songs greatly and help to make everyone feel valued and included.

Audio Samples

    1. The Twelve Friends Of Jesus
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. The Twelve Friends Of Jesus
    • 2. Welcome to Our City
    • 3.Caiaphas Complains
    • 4. Temple Market
    • 5. Thirty Pieces of Silver
    • 6. The Last Supper
    • 7. Please Stay Awake
    • 8. Song of Shame
    • 9. The People's Choice
    • 10. The Walk of Love


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We used the script "Disciple Diaries", written by Sally Kee, for our Easter production. As always Sally was a joy to work with. The script and music were well written, engaging and informative! The productive came together wonderfully, and I have been able to refer back to it during our RE lessons on the Easter story. Sally always has high expectations for pupils, but supports children to surpass them. The stage directions in the script were excellent support for us whilst rehearsing, and we were able to easily adapt the script to suit our needs. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Disciple Diaries. Thank you so much Sally!
Katie House Year 4 teacher St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Hertford
I have just watched 'Disciple Diaries.' Mrs Kee is a wonderfully talented, fun and creative lady. Every performance has been brought to life with her talent for music.
Mrs Ellis (Parent at St Joseph's R.C. Hertford)
Mrs Kee always does an amazing job with all the the children's plays at St Joseph's School. The children absolutely adore her, her fun tunes and way of teaching. Their faces genuinely light up. She is a valued member of our school community
Nadine Goodman (Parent St Joseph's R.C. School Hertford)
Mrs Kee has once again written an amazing play! She has the ability to produce plays that enable all children to shine. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Mrs A Scoll (parent St Joseph's RC Hertford)
Wonderful! Great interpretation, music and acting and fantastic singing. Another excellent performance and a great showcase for the school, its pupils and teachers. Well done Mrs Kee for the music and script.
Federico Macarrigan (Parent St Joseph's RC Hertford
Absolutely amazing! Brilliant songs that really empower the kids to enjoy themselves. Fantastic story telling.
Simon Cuness (Parent St Joseph's R.C. School Hertford)