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    Here's a Nativity Story with a difference where the events are told through the pictures on oversized Christmas Cards delivered by 'Rapping Post Peeps.' The children at St Joseph's School in Hertford loved this take on the age old story and delivered a smashing performance to delighted parents. Why not bring your Christmas production bang up to date this year and give 'Christmas Cards and Christmas Rap' a go? (N.B.The number of supporting roles can be reduced to tie in with Covid bubbles without affecting the end performance.) 

    I must just say another huge thank you to my multi talented friend and colleague Katie House for designing the front cover of this play. I think you'll agree that it fits the bill perfectly and the baby Jesus is just so cute popping out of a Christmas present surrounded by Christmas cards. Just perfect are a star!

Audio Samples

    Sample 1. The Rapping Post Peeps
    0:00 0.00
    • Sample 1. The Rapping Post Peeps
    • Sample 2. Mary's Choice
    • Sample 3. They've called a Census
    • Sample 4. Innkeeper, can you help?
    • Sample 5. Ee Aw, Ee Aw, Cheep, Cheep, MOO!
    • Sample 6. Lighting the Way
    • Sample 7. Gloria in Excelsis Deo
    • Sample 8. Gifts from the East
    • Sample 9. Let's Have a Christmas Party


  • Lyrics Sheet, Script and Cast List
  • Sheet Music
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Backing Track
  • Performing License


Brilliant and constantly innovative. Superb musical skill and great harmonies.
Peter Banks: Grandparent; St Josephs RC School Herford
A mini masterpiece. Very well structured and great fun to watch.
Danny Oates: Parent St Joseph's
Sally has created another fun, modern take on the Christmas story! The parents enjoyed watching it as much as the children enjoyed producing it. Well done, Sally! You always get the best from our children.
Katie House Year 2 Teacher St Joseph's Hertford and Portrait Artist
A fun filled family festivity-wonderful!
Father: St Joseph's
A great show. We loved how every child had their proud moment. It was very well organised and the kids looked like they loved it. Well done.
Auntie: St Joseph's
What an amazing nativity show. I loved the songs and think it's amazing how original they always are. The kids are allowed to shine and that is priceless. Loved it, loved, loved it!
Inkeepers Mother St Joseph's School
Very lovely show-great songs.
Sophie: Mum: St Joseph's
It was great! Loved the music especially the rap!
Elaine Jackson: Mummy: St Joseph's
Another great show. Perfect for KS1. A great way of telling the Christmas story with the 'Post-Peeps!' All the children were engaged and you could tell they were enjoying it.
Wendy Couldridge: Parent St Jospeh's School