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    A fun song written for a Reception class to round off their topic on 'Pets.' E.Y.F.S and K.S.1 children adore this fun song as they boogie woogie along to the music creating actions as they go. When finally the 'Mum' in the song says yes to a pet puppy dog the children love shouting out 'YES' at the tops of their voices. A perfect addition to a topic on pets or animals. ( I am now a Grandma and am delighted to say that this is one of my Grandson's favourite songs.)

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Thank you Sally for composing a wonderful song for our Foundation Stage class. 'The Boogie Woogie Pet Shop' was perfect for our Pets topic. The children enjoyed making up actions for the song and even wrote a final verse about their class pet fish. The song has really captured the children's interest and they have been singing and performing your song during child initiated learning. Thank you once again.
Sue Lewis (Class teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic School Ware.)
The children all loved singing and dancing along to the ' Boogie Woogie Pet Shop' in their end of term assembly for their parents! The lyrics are fun and easy to learn and the children enjoyed singing the song at any opportunity they could. The parents really enjoyed it during the assembly.
Rebecca Innocent Landers: Nursery Assistant
What a joy when starting rehearsals for our Foundation Stage concert , teaching and remembering the fantastic Boogie Woogie Pet Shop. The children absolutely loved the song and enjoyed acting out begging their mummy's for a pet. A huge hit with our children.
Joss Landers Nursery teacher St. Joseph's Hertford.