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    In this refreshingly different retelling of the age old tale, the story of the Nativity unfolds during a court case to decide whether the 'Awesome Angels' or the 'Shimmering Stars' played the most important part in the story of the first Christmas. The humorous script and ten catchy songs in a variety of musical idioms will engage KS1 children from start to finish without diminishing the importance of this great event. No child will feel left out as there are 60 parts in total with plenty of opportunities for solo or group singing, dancing, actions and basically a whole lot of fun in this unique Christmas Play for Infants. Hope you have as much fun with this as we did!

Audio Samples

    1. Heavenly Commotion
    0:00 0.00
    • 1. Heavenly Commotion
    • 2. Awesome Angels
    • 3. Shimmering Stars
    • 4. Mary You Have Been Chosen
    • 5.Joseph The Carpenter
    • 6.The Rocky Road to Bethlehem
    • 7. You Can Have Our Manger
    • 8.Humble Shepherd's Hoedown
    • 9. Eastern Delight
    • 10. Christmas Jury


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Just spent the evening watching one of Sally Kee's marvellous plays. They are always so well written and a joy to watch you can't help but sit there beaming. The children clearly enjoy every minute of it as they enthusiastically perform the catchy tunes and lyrics. Thanks for another great show to remember and a lovely way to get into the Christmas spirit.
Majella Loughrey
The children really loved learning and performing 'Awesome Angels versus Shimmering Stars' and even asked to practise it in January! There were enough parts for every child to sine like a star. It had a clear message that was succinctly put across through the songs.
Jennifer Watson Senior Teacher KS1 Sacred Heart School Ware
Every year is always a delight and 'Awesome Angels versus Shimmering Stars' was no exception. Mrs Kee is very talented and the children do her proud always!
Leila Keenan (Parent St Joe's RC Sch Hertford)
Wow! What a fantastic Christmas Play. One of the best I have ever seen. The songs and the music were outstanding and so well written. Thank you for starting our Christmas.
Ashley O'Connor (Parent St Joe's RC Sch Hertford)
What an amazing show. Great songs, great music, great performance. Where would we be without Mrs Kee?!
Debbie Copola (Parent St Joe's RC Sch Hertford)
Lovely new and imaginative idea for a KS1 production. Liked the courtroom scenes to add to the telling of the Christmas Story. Great variety of songs. I especially enjoyed the Joseph song.
Wendy Couldridge (Parent St Joe's RC Sch Hertford)
Awesome Angels versus Shimmering Stars was a very creative and engaging version of the nativity. The children enjoyed learning the songs and their parts. The final production was both awesome and shimmering.
Olivia McCarthy Year 2 Teacher
Our Year 1 and Year 2 classes performed this play and it was fantastic! The songs were enjoyable and easy to learn and the children loved them. The play told the Christmas Story in a fun way. We enjoyed learning it and performing it very much.
Naomi Clark Year 1 Teacher