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The Conqueror and His Castles

The Conqueror and His Castles
About This Download
A song written for juniors studying 'Medieval England' or as  the Cornerstones Curriculum providers penned the topic 'Peasants, Princes and Pestilence.' The song tells of the different castles in England in Medieval Times which were the legacy of William the Conqueror. Your children will love echoing each other in the first part of the song and the two choruses fit together as a partner song so the children can really impress with their part singing to round off the performance. Hope they enjoy my 'pun' at the end about the 'Domesday Book!' Related activities could include exploring major and minor tonalities and chords leading to writing and performing their own songs: creating military style compositions in 4/4 time exploring the timbre of different classroom instruments; creating Medieval Raps with knowledge gained in History lessons and listening to music of the period and dancing in a suitable style. Whatever you do I hope this song inspires you and that your children enjoy it.
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