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Nativity Song and Dance

Nativity Song and Dance
About This Download

A refreshingly new take on the Nativity Story retold to a panel of 'Quizzers' who then have to guess which part of the Nativity Story the 'Song and Dance' pertains to. The lucky 'Quizzers' who manage to work out the message in the song and dance win the coveted 'Bethlehem Snow Globe!'

The songs in a variety of idioms are engaging and easy to learn each one lending themselves to a particular dance style ranging from 'Mary and Joseph Happy Hora' and 'The Donkey Do-Si-Do' to the 'Three Chaps Rap' and the grand finale 'Christmas Rock and Roll.'

There are ample parts for a combined K.S.1 performance with plenty of opportunities for each child to shine as they have a great time performing 'Nativity Song and Dance.'

What You Get
  • Backing Track
  • Full Recorded Song
  • Lyrics Sheet, Script, Cast List
  • Performing License
  • Sheet Music
  • Price: £ 15.99
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    Product Testimonials

    "Excellent, funny and catchy songs from Mrs Kee. Every year the Nativity Play is different and unique. The kids love the songs and the parents love the production. We cannot wait for the next production."
    Jason Convey : St Joseph's Parent
    "Wonderful songs, lovely staging ideas. Every year the same story is delivered in a different way. GENIUS! More importantly every child looks like they are thoroughly enjoying it!"
    Alan Lynagh: Parent St Joseph's
    "A fantastic show. Funny and engaging. The kids loved it. Many happy faces. But the best bit is that all 60 children have the chance to shine and have their moment. Amazing!"
    Mike Scott : Parent St Joseph's School
    "Another wonderful nativity! Mrs Kee has produced a very entertaining show which allowed all the children to show their best singing and dancing."
    Aine McCormick : Parent St Joseph's School
    "An innovative and joyous spectacle which retold the Christmas story in a refreshingly fun-filled way. Lovely music and great performances from the cast. Well done!"
    Greg Hacklesley : Governor St Joseph's School
    "The Nativity Song and Dance was fantastic! All the parents loved it and it raised more than a few giggles."
    Michelle Fusi Headteacher Sacred Heart School Ware