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Inside My Memory Box

Posted on: 30th July 2019 By: SALLY KEE

Anyone out there use 'Cornerstones?' This song links with their Memory Box topic and would be great way to round off the topic in an assembly. Hope you like it. It was written for a Year 1 class in St Joseph's School...

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Rainforest Tango

Posted on: 27th July 2019 By: SALLY KEE

I've finally written a Rainforest song having spent hours searching for one that met my needs and failing. The song helps children learn about the different stratas of the Rainforest and the animals that are camouflaged within in each layer. Inspired by...

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Castles, Kings and Things!

Posted on: 26th July 2019 By: SALLY KEE

After a very busy term, I've finally got round to uploading this sweet little castle song where children will learn the parts of castle whilst having great fun singing and chanting. Hope somebody out there finds it useful xx

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